Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Having Fun with my ABC's

♥A is for age: 36
♥B is for beverage of choice: Hmmm...either Triple X Vitamin Water or hot tea
♥C is for career right now: Ha! This is too funny! I am a lunch lady (when I can go to work!)
♥D is for your dog's name: Ruger & Cabela
♥E is for essential item you use everyday: My planner
♥F is for favorite TV show: Ugly Betty
♥G is for favorite game to watch: Mifflin Football!
♥H is for Hometown: Harbor Creek, PA
♥I is for instruments you play: I used to play the clarinet & the trumpet.
♥J is for favorite juice: Grape Punch from Minute Maid
♥K is for a favorite keepsake: Pink Sapphire Ring
♥L is for last place you ate at: My home
♥M is for marriage: Almost 16 years
♥N is for your name: Tracy Lynne
♥O is for overnight hospital stay: Four (and hope not to be back for a long, long time!)
♥P is for people you were with today: Jerry, Austin & Aidan
♥Q is for what's your best quality: Loyalty
♥R is for what are you currently reading: Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult
♥S is for relationship status: Married
♥T is for time you woke up today: 7:16 am
♥U is for the type of underwear you have on: Boy shorts
♥V is for vegetable you love: Corn on the cob
♥W is for worst habits: Anger
♥X is for x-rays you've had recently: Upper G.I.
♥Y is for something yummy: Mom's Meatloaf w/tomato soup on top
♥Z is for favorite zoo animal: Spectacled Bears

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