Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ebersole Football - Week 2

So, we made it through another week of football for both sons.

Aidan had his game on Sunday against Kutztown. We played at Governor Mifflin & let me tell you it was H-O-T! The thermometer on the field was reading 110 degrees. Those poor kids - by the end of the game they had a tough time finding eleven kids to play. They were beat.

Aidan had a good game. He had another terrific run of about 40 yards and several amazing blocks.

Aunt Merry, Scott, Aunt Sherry & Uncle Mike all came to watch Aidan play. He IS quite entertaining!

I had to throw in this picture of my handsome husband in coaching action! Isn't he cute!

Aidan's team won 6-0, but the person who made out best was the guy who drives the Mr. Softie truck. I'm pretty sure our family spent about ten dollars on his delicious, refreshing treats!

Then on Tuesday, September 16, Austin had his first home game versus Exeter. It was kind of surreal to sit in the Governor Mifflin Stadium and watch my oldest son play football. We sat on the 50-yard line so we could check out which seats we want to reserve when Austin plays High School football.

Austin is number 40 & he may not be the biggest kid on the team, but he plays with his heart, knows the plays frontwards & backwards and always gives 100 percent.

Austin is two yards to the right of the 50-yard line with his helmet off.

Getting his water from Aidan.

When you look at the pictures, you may think that the kids in white look REALLY big. Keep in mind they could be 7th, 8th or 9th graders. Governor Mifflin has a junior high team which is 7th & 8th grade and they have a separate 9th grade team. I don't think Exeter has that.

Austin is on the field, far end of the line, standing up.

Austin played really well. And despite his valiant playing, they lost...22-0. I still enjoyed watching my baby play his hardest at a game he LOVES.

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