Friday, August 10, 2007


Well this week has proved to me that even though nothing special was planned, you can still have a fun time!

This week the boys both had doctor's appointments for their physicals for football/school.

We had to start going to a new doctor because the previous doctor could not schedule us until the end of October. That would not work for us.

Austin's appointment went off without a hitch. He is 4'9" tall & weighs 70 1/2 pounds. The doctor said he is a little underweight, but he looks good. He also has 20-15 vision which means it is better than 20-20. I thought that was terrific!

Aidan's appointment was going really well. He weighs 54 pounds (didn't ask how tall he was) & I wasn't with him when they tested his vision. However when it came to the portion of the physical where they checked him for a hernia, I thought I was going to tinkle in my pants.

Now keep in mind, Aidan has no idea what a hernia is & had no idea what the doctor was going to do. I seriously thought Aidan was going to punch the doctor in the face. He growled at him & stood there tapping his foot. He was not happy about this at all.

He told me later that the next time the doctor tried this, he was going to punch him in the hernia. Won't the doctor be surprised!

Tuesday & Wednesday night were spent at football mini camp. It was so stinkin' hot & I am so proud of them for not complaining & doing what their coaches told them to do.

They had lots of water breaks where they drank copious amounts of H20 & despite the heat, were really glad to be starting another football season.

Next week they start everyday football practice with helmets & pads. Hopefully it won't be so hot. For their sake & mine!


Steve & Maggie said...

Tell Aidan, Uncle Steve likes it when the girl doctors check him for a hernia!!

Tricia said...

Tell Aidan that I heard Uncle Steve doesn't care whether the girl is a doctor or not!