Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Well, we have been quite the busy beavers around here lately.

Last week, the boys started everyday football practice from 5:30 to 7:30. Thank goodness they both love it & don't complain about having to go everyday when it's so hot.

The boys are both very good at football & it is fun to watch them practice. Austin always plays with his heart & it is amazing to watch the "one man wrecking machine" take on kids twice as big as him & bring them to the ground. Aidan is the Tazmanian Devil. He tackles with wreckless abandon & runs "mad fast" - scoring just about every time he has the ball.

Austin was assigned to the Maroon team tonight at their first scrimmage & they play on Saturdays. We will probably find out tomorrow which team Aidan will play on, but chances are he will play on the Sunday Varsity team. Hopefully they will let him play on the Saturday team so we won't have football all weekend long.

Friday we went to the Toyo Tires Nationals at Maple Grove Raceway. We all love the drags & since they moved them to August, it works out much better for us.

The boys & I went back early Friday afternoon & then came home for a little rest & then went back for night qualifying. We were not disappointed!

Austin got Gary Scelzi's autograph which thrilled him. He told Gary that he picked him every week in fantasy NHRA & wished him good luck in his retirement next year. Gary said that there were weeks that he wouldn't have picked himself, but this weekend he would pick him.

Austin also got Larry Dixon's signature. He is another favorite of Austin's. I have new found respect for Larry. We were standing down by the finish line when Larry finished his qualifying run. Austin said "Mom, look it's Larry." I told him to say "Hi Larry!" and he did. Larry turned to Austin (who was wearing a Dixon t-shirt) and said "Hi! - Nice shirt!" When we were up in the pits later on, he remembered Austin from the end of the track. I thought that was pretty cool considering the thousands of people he sees each day.
Aidan got Tony Schumacher's autograph on his Tony Schumacher shirt which made him happy. I love Tony! He is always so nice to the kids!

The boys also got Robert Hight's autograph. I think they did that more for Jerry than they did for themselves. Robert is John Force's son-in-law & also drives for him.

On Saturday morning, Tricia, Maggie & Charlie arrived for our tattoo weekend. The Myers' girls went to Mike's Tattoo & Body piercing to get inked.
We had decided that we wanted to get the Chinese symbol for sisters. I would get two younger sister symbols, Tricia would get one older sister symbol & one younger sister symbol & Maggie would get two older sister symbols.

Well, my sisters decided that they didn't want just the symbols, they wanted a little extra. Tricia got a gladiolis flower which represents strength of character & Maggie got three lilac blossoms which stands for beauty, which all of us are absolutely stunning! I opted for just the symbols, in each of their favorite colors: Tricia's in green, Maggie's in blue. I am loving the location I chose (after consulting with the tattoo artist about the least painful spot) & the actual tattoo itself. Now every time I look at it, I think of the two people in this world who mean the world to me & I couldn't imagine a day without. I am so glad that they were able to come down & that we could do this together.

And not to leave out my little chunky monkey nephew. He also got inked on his arm, (even if it was just temporary).

And I just thought this was so sweet. Aidan fell asleep between our screen door & our front door with Ruger. What a good dog & a super sweet boy I have.

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