Friday, June 11, 2010

Free-for-All Friday

I know it's been a while since I posted. Life at the Ebersole's has been chaotic the past month.

We have had lacrosse games, Field Day, a college graduation, a graduation party, Memorial Day, lacrosse picnics, remodeling, the last few days of school...WHEW...I am exhausted! LOL!!

So I have a bunch of pictures and a few random thoughts, okay maybe a lot of random thoughts, but I am random, so it fits!

Aidan relaxing in the living room watching TV. He looks so comfy. His poison has cleared up rather nicely thanks to Fels Naptha soap & swimming!
Austin "1/4 Situation" Ebersole showing off his abs. Austin is as tall as I am now. He points that out to me daily. He has finals today and Monday. I can't believe he is going to high school next year.
Both of them engrossed in the television. It is one of the few times when they are not fighting.

Our bedroom modeling. We are going to put our bed on this wall once the carpet is installed.

Looking toward the back yard in our room.

The freaky weather yesterday morning. The sun was out right at our house, but across the road, looking at the mountain - CREEPY!!

Another shot of the foggy, grey overcastness (not a real word, I know) on the mountain.

Aidan getting his lacrosse trophy. Aidan was named Best All-Around Lacrosse Player on his team. He scores goals, plays defense & goalie. Gosh how I love this kid!
Pictures of Aidan's team getting their trophies.

More of Aidan's team. I must also say a huge thank you to Aidan's coach, Linda Bram. She is awesome! I couldn't ask for a better person to coach Aidan.
Water lily on our pond. Even through our unusually snowy weather. Our beautiful plant survived.

Well that's it for the randomness. Hopefully blogging will become more frequent this summer. Then again...maybe not!

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