Monday, June 14, 2010

Feeling Suckie

A friend of mine put her feelings in those words one day last week. Today, I am copying them. I have been having a few "poor me" moments the last week.

And I am glad I got myself out of it. Actually "we" got me out of it. Mostly.

I sometimes feel, I don't know how to put it into words. At least words that are diplomatic and won't hurt feelings.

But at least I posted about it and I will know what I mean when I read this even if no one else does.

And that's okay. No feelings are hurt, I kind of put it out there (at least for myself) and I feel better.

Now on to some pictures.

One of our resident bullfrogs hanging out on the bucket.

My new planter. Red, white and blue - an ode to my mother.

Gerber daisies - Love, love, LOVE them.

A close up of the aforementioned bullfrog. Jerry was trying
to see how close he could get before he would jump away.

ACE just being ACE. A-dor-ABLE!!

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