Friday, March 27, 2009

Austin's FCS Third Quarter Project

Dare I say it? Austin is better at sewing than me? Oh wait - I don't sew!
Austin had to make a locker caddy for Family & Consumer Science this quarter. He had to pick out what color he wanted the material to be, pick a design for the middle pocket & choose if he wanted a mirror or not (what boy DOESN'T want a mirror?!?)

He started practicing using the sewing machine by stitching straight lines in paper. The one day he came home and stated "Mom, I learned how to put thread on a bobbin!". That's the little round thing - right?

He then graduated to a real honest-to-goodness piece of material.

I didn't hear much about his progress until he brought it home on Thursday.

I told Austin that my experience in the then named Home Economics class - the sewing part - was not good. I made a wrist pin cushion (which was a total flop) and a pair of pot holders (which were an even bigger flop!).

I thought a locker caddy was a great idea. He could hang it up in his locker & then organize all his locker inventory in it. Well apparently my eldest son does not share my passion for organization. He brought the locker caddy home yesterday & stated "Mom, I don't ever go to my locker - so I don't need this!".

He did a fabulous job on his project & got a 96% on it. He pointed out some of his sewing mistakes that he thought he made (I, of course, thought it was perfect) and told me I could use it or he would put it his room.

It is big enough to put a small Post-It note pad in the top, 4 pencils in the middle pocket & maybe a pack of gum in the bottom.

Middle - Pen/Pencil Pocket

Bottom Gum/Calculator Pocket

I love it & am going to try to find a use for it downstairs.

Any suggestions?

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