Thursday, February 5, 2009

Funny Boy

Aidan has been battling the stomach/cold virus for the past couple weeks. He missed two and a half days of school, slept a whole bunch & was crankier than usual.

Jerry went up to school and got the school work that Aidan missed (Aidan was totally psyched about that!) and after a little persuasion, he did it.

He had the customary math, reading & spelling and then the teacher sent home a paper about groundhogs. The paper had a story on it and then several questions on the bottom about weather, groundhog habitat and the food groundhogs eat.

At the bottom of the paper, it posed a question to its young reader. "Do you think animals can predict the weather? Why or why not?"

Aidan thought about this for a moment and then answered "Yes. I think animals can predict the weather."

I asked him "Why do you think that? ".
He said "Because they have instincts.".

And then he wrote his answer on the back of the paper.

"Yes, I think animals can foretell the weather because they have I-N-S-T-I-N-K-S."

After I suppressed my laughter, I got him to erase his faux pas & rewrite it the correct way.

Funny Boy.

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